Cremation Merchandise

The cremation merchandise selections listed here are just a few of the available options that we offer. If you have further questions regarding additional product choices, please contact us.


An urn is a permanent container for the cremated body. Dowling offers a wide range of styles and prices appropriate for niches, burial, scattering, keepsakes or placement in a home. Your personal plans for the final placement of the urn will play an important part in your selection process.

Cremation urns are made of many different types of materials, from bronze and copper to stainless steel to marble, cloisonné, and various species of hardwood. Urns can be personalized by engraving name, birth date, death date, personalized text, standard designs and/or custom designs. Appliqués or medallions can also be added to represent a favorite activity, sport, or hobby, fraternal organization, or military status.


Keepsake urns are smaller urns in which a small portion of the cremated remains may be placed. Some families choose to keep a small portion of the cremated remains while burying the rest. We also have available even smaller urns called miniature urns. Keepsake and miniature urns range in design from very simple to very detailed works of art.


Keepsake jewelry is a relatively new memorial idea. Over the years it has grown in popularity because it offers a unique way for people to remember a lost loved one by placing a small amount of cremated remains inside a piece of specially-designed jewelry.

Keepsake jewelry also encompasses the growing selection of lockets, bracelets and pendants that are available for those who desire to preserve their loved one’s memory in this special way. Dowling offers families many different styles of such jewelry.


If you choose burial after the cremation, Dowling requires a special outer burial container for the urn to be placed in. We also offer an urn/vault combination which is not only an urn but acts as the vault (outer burial container).

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